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Hi! I'm Drew. Welcome!
Here's some things I've got going on.

I run a video series called Cloth Map that explores the world through the lens of games.

We’ve witnessed the apocalyptic beauty of Chernobyl, explored Brazil’s bootleg video game markets, and learned how Cubans built their own city-wide LAN party.

Cloth Map is entirely viewer-supported through Patreon.

Learn more on our website or check out our YouTube channel.

I co-host a podcast called Shift+F1 that takes a layman’s approach to the most exciting and technical sport on earth, Formula 1.

Visit our website for episodes, show notes, and how to subscribe.

Previously, I worked at Giant Bomb, a website about video games.

There, I documented what it’s like to work as media at the world’s biggest video game convention, went to Iceland to learn of MMOs and fermented shark, and played Mario Party in front of a live studio audience.

For more on my past employment, see LinkedIn.

Somewhere in there, I became a meme.

Sometimes, people talk to me for articles or podcasts.

When I’m not traveling for Cloth Map, I live in San Francisco.

I occasionally write stuff here.

You can find me on Twitter or contact me directly here.